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Our blog is a digital compass that guides you through the experiences, stories, and insights that make Milwaukee truly special. With every post, we invite you to explore the hidden gems that await your discovery, immerse yourself in the local culture, and embark on virtual journeys that spark your wanderlust. Whether you're planning your next adventure, seeking insider tips, or simply indulging in armchair exploration, let us inspire, inform, and ignite your curiosity. Start exploring now and dive into a world of endless possibilities. 

Discover Bobby Portis' Favorite Hidden Gems

With the kick-off to the 2023-24 NBA season last night, few words can cause a stir of excitement quite like the phrase, “Bobby’s back.” That’s right, Bucks big man, fan favorite and Milwaukee’s Official Hype Man Bobby Portis is back and ready for action as the Bucks begin their hunt for a second…

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World Migratory Bird Day 2023

Caw-Cawling all bird-lovers! This weekend we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. And, as we prepare to say a fond winter’s farewell to some of our fine feathered friends migrating south for the season, at locations throughout the area, you can take advantage of prime birding opportunities and World…

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The Best Milwaukee Hiking Trails for Every Kind of Hiker

If you’re visiting our city for the first time, you may be aware of our rich brewing tradition, you may have heard about our championship-caliber sports teams or planned a trip to one of our sensational top attractions. However, insiders have a secret: the Cream City is also an outstanding urban…

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