Welcome to the new era of Visit Milwaukee. Welcome to a new look and feel that can be described in just three words: Fresh, flavor, forward.

This is a brand for the city, by the city. Born from the feedback of more than a thousand Milwaukeeans, the brand captures the heartbeat of Milwaukee and the passion of our residents.

We believe Milwaukee is a city where big, fresh ideas inspire us; where bright, bold flavor unites us; and where we move forward together with a celebratory, collaborative spirit. Each pillar speaks to core Visit Milwaukee values of gathering, access, momentum and cultural diversity, while highlighting Milwaukee’s legacy and personality.

Along with a new logo and messaging is a new color palette that reflects the natural splendor and history found around every turn in Milwaukee. Here’s a look at the refreshed color scheme and the places, spaces and events that inspired them.

Brand Colors

Cream City

A foundational color for a foundational building block. Milwaukee was built on Cream City brick, formed from yellow/cream-colored clay found in the Menomonee River Valley. Many of the city’s historic buildings still sport the creamy coat.

Clear Skies

A breezy spring afternoon on the Oak Leaf Trail. A warm summer day under an open roof at American Family Field. A brisk fall outing with a stein in hand at a beer garden. Nothing but clear blue skies above, green grass beneath your feet and peaceful relaxation in our great place on a Great Lake.


Bravado is not something you can see when you first arrive. It’s a feeling you get when you spend time with our most passionate ambassadors, our residents. Their local pride is contagious, and their love of the city they call home runs deep.

Great Lake

At the confluence of the city’s three rivers is Lake Michigan, its deep blue waters extending to the horizon as far as the eye can see. The second largest of the Great Lakes, the enormous body of fresh water to the city’s east, is a source of play and innovation.


Milwaukee is known the world over for its place as Brew City. The city that beer built looks a little different now as a haven for sensational microbreweries, but the brewing tradition rolls on and relics of the product that made Milwaukee famous abound around every turn. Cheers!


Known as the City of Festivals, Milwaukee celebrates just about everything. Each year, festivals gather visitors from around the world and locals in a beautiful convergence of culture, music, food, and so much more. From the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, to the 121-year-old celebration of motor culture, Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival, the celebration lasts all year round.

Park Pine

By nature, Milwaukee is an urban outdoor destination. Just steps from the city is a collection of Milwaukee County Parks featuring rippling rivers, wide open spaces and greenery galore, all for you to explore.


The beginning of a new day, the dawn of a new era. As Milwaukee continues to soar to new heights, there’s so much potential and so much excitement about what’s yet to come. A new Visit Milwaukee has arrived, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next