City Growth & Development


A $5 billion surge in investment in construction projects, continued improvements to award-winning civic projects like the Milwaukee RiverWalk, and dedication to turning beloved pieces of the past into the best of the future: explore how Milwaukee is growing and changing.

New construction, urban revitalization, and advances in public transit are all coming together to make Milwaukee a city on the rise.

Revitalization is bringing a fresh face to Milwaukee and many new ways for the community and its visitors to work and play.

Industry & Innovation

Milwaukee is still one of the nation's centers of manufacturing. We're a city that knows how to make and create, so it's no surprise that today the city is a hub for makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, chefs, dreamers, and creatives of all kinds.

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Ecology Initiatives

Milwaukee has a storied history of eco-friendly initiatives and appreciation for natural beauty. Whether its Milwaukee’s water technology, LEED Gold certified hotel, or 1400 acres of beachfront access, we go for the gold in being green!

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History & Heritage

While we look forward with a progressive vision of what Milwaukee can become, we also remain committed to respecting our past and the role it has played in shaping who we are as a city today.

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The Bronze Fonz

The RiverWalk features a statue of Fonzie from Happy Days.

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Gertie the Duck

Gertie the Duck (and her statue) is a Milwaukee icon and national symbol of hope.

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Movable Bridges

Milwaukee's bridges move! Read about these engineering marvels.

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