Say “ayyy” to the Bronze Fonz! Located on Milwaukee’s RiverWalk just south of Wells Street, the Bronze Fonz is a must-visit selfie spot.


Shooting his trademark double thumbs up in downtown Milwaukee since 2008, the statue pays homage to Arthur Fonzarelli aka “Fonzie,” the tough guy, king of cool from “Happy Days,” the popular sitcom set in 1950s Milwaukee. Standing 5-foot-6 (just like Henry Winkler, who portrayed the Fonz on TV) in his cool leather jacket and blue jeans, the Bronze Fonz is seldom seen without at least one visitor wrapping his or her arm around him or mimicking his thumbs-up pose. During the summer months, the Fonz even has patio furniture set out so you can lounge and enjoy his stretch of the RiverWalk. Make sure to stop by and get your picture taken with this pop art favorite as you explore Milwaukee’s RiverWalk!


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