Goodbye grey sky, hello blue. Now’s your chance to take the Bronze Fonz home with you! Happy days are here, Milwaukee! We know you’ve been a-rockin’ and rollin’ all week long, and during travel and tourism, Visit Milwaukee is excited to pair up with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club for an exciting adventure around town.


To celebrate 50 iconic Milwaukee landmarks, we’ve hidden 50 Bronze Fonz bobbleheads at historic, famed and notable locations across the city.


But we’re not going to just tell you where they are. Review the clues below to find a Fonz new you for your chance to take home your very own Bronze Fonz bobblehead, along with tickets to the Brewers’ upcoming weekend interleague duel with their historic rivals, the Chicago White Sox.


After you collect your Cream City icon, give us a thumbs up with your newfound friend, Fonz, and a selfie with your prize pack tagging @visitmilwaukee and @brewers on social.


Did you know? Sports tourism – like fans coming to see the Brew Crew – drives millions of visitors to our city each year. In 2024 alone, Sports Milwaukee, championed by Visit Milwaukee, will welcome 84 events, drawing over 195,000 visitors to our destination while generating $62 million for our community. Find more info about the power of a visit by visiting our Tourism Insights page.


Happy Friday and happy Fonz finding, Milwaukayyy!


(Please note: These locations are current as of 9 a.m. on Friday, May 24, and will not be updated as prizes are claimed.)

BronzeFonz-southshore2-no music 1

Fonz 1

Exactlayyy where you might expect to find the first Fonz. Stroll along the river’s edge to find a familiar face in the place where he’s greeted visitors with a smile and two thumbs up for the past 16 years.

Fonz 2

Guiding ships south of downtown Milwaukee, this little red lighthouse is the 'sister' to the Kenosha North Pier Light.

Fonz 3

A classic: the last original duckpin bowling in the U.S., tucked away in the city's Lincoln Village neighborhood.

Fonz 4

A favorite of Bravo's "Top Chef" host Kristen Kish and featured in the music video for Grace Weber's "414," this local custard shop is a must-stop!

Fonz 5

Once an active brewery, now a charming overnight stay, this hotel in the Brewery District features many of the building's original details, including six copper kettles and a stained-glass window depicting the patron saint of beer, King Gambrinus. 

Fonz 6

The birthplace of the fabled Sampler Platter – a mandatory festival rite of passage featuring mozzarella sticks, sour cream and chive fries, and fried cheese curds – is found in the Miller Valley.

Fonz 7

At the hub of the city's law, find the hall with a grand historic draw. This Flemish Renaissance-style building was the third-tallest in the country when it opened its doors in 1895.

Fonz 8

Tucked away at the end of a row of boutique shops in the Historic Third Ward neighborhood, this cozy park hosts a beer garden and free concerts throughout the summer.

Fonz 9

Catch a rising star, a headliner, and a girl in the moon all at Wisconsin's largest theater.

Fonz 10

On the shore of Lake Michigan, where the sands meet the bar, find the tiki, it’s never too far.

Fonz 11

Not duck, not goose, another aviary friend lets loose in a downtown lagoon.

Fonz 12

On your Riverwest to-do, jazz, a farmhouse and a brew at this park's beer garden.

Fonz 13

Recognizable on the horizon in the City of Steeples, this house of worship was built with parts from an old building of the USPS.

Fonz 14

A store with the name meaning "village," shopping for Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Mexican fare at this stop is a privilege. 

Fonz 15

Floating above the Lake Michigan water, this landmark is dedicated to military service and honor.

Fonz 16

 A statue of a city founder in a park by his name, the capital of Alaska is the same.

Fonz 17

A concert hall with a pool in the basement, a short drive on Wisconsin Avenue, and you'll find it.

Fonz 18

Where flames of resilience ignited, ashes of history rekindled, find a vibrant phoenix rising in the heart of this community hub.

Fonz 19

The Polish Moon, the world's second-largest four-faced clock, here you'll find Fonz in a box.

Fonz 20

Located in the Historic Third Ward, in the museum where heads nod and sway, find this Fonz in the hall where bobbleheads play.

Fonz 21

The building where people meet, it's immaculate $456 million expansion visible from the street.

Fonz 22

On the Oak Leaf Trail, a great skyline spot, head to the South Shore for a beer later, but maybe check by the docks.

Fonz 23

A sacred site of baseball's past, find the field where the Bears and the Chicks played last.

Fonz 24

A park bandshell at some height, this home to the Skyline Music Series boasts spectacular sights.

Fonz 25

Turning concerts into unforgettable memories, this National Historic Landmark has been a social hub since 1883.

Fonz 26

A civil rights leader overlooking his street, a pedestal of books resting below his feet.

Fonz 27

Desert, tropics and flowers in one short stroll, iconic architecture near where the waters of the Menomonee flow.

Fonz 28

A place to play with a view of the harbor, the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences to port, the Municipal Mooring Basin to starboard. 

Fonz 29

An artistic nod to paleteros that's new, find the Fonz at the collab with the Brew Crew.

Fonz 30

I spy with my little eye something bronze! Follow this clue to a secret door and find Milwaukee's espionage HQ.

Fonz 31

A water tower on a hill that looks like a castle, in the shadow of this East Side monument, you'll find a Fonz case.

Fonz 32

Mapped out by the maker of New York's Central Park, check the softball diamond off Oakland Avenue for a lark.

Fonz 33

The original site of the Milwaukee County Zoo, swing by this park, maybe by the lagoon. 

Fonz 34

Over 30 years of preserving Black history in Wisconsin, at this museum off Center Street, you'll find him.

Fonz 35

A landmark with 95+ years of bowling acclaim, here you'll find the Bronze bobble of fame.

Fonz 36

This connector is where art takes flight, the museum's ahead, a true delight.

Fonz 37

Navigate the labyrinth, at Parkway and Keefe, find peace and your clue in the maze relief.

Fonz 38

A public square, a haven for food truck lovers; if you're in Walker's Point, you might be in luck.

Fonz 39

A former bank, now a bustling spot, on North Avenue where Wauwatosa meets Milwaukee, you might have a shot.

Fonz 40

Notable Milwaukeean's final resting place, in this parklike cemetery, you'll find a familiar face.

Fonz 41

A cozy hideaway, inventor of the pink squirrel beverage, while at the Bayview time capsule, give the mid-century ice cream drinks a whirl.

Fonz 42

A downtown food hall where indecisive eaters yield, the culinary destination recently opened an annex at American Family Field.

Fonz 43

The hub for buses and trains, check this downtown transit station to see if a Fonz remains.

Fonz 44

A collection of murals, an outdoor gallery, this artistic space is located in an East Side alley.

Fonz 45

The nation's best public market, and not far away, by two pink feathered friends this Fonz lays. 

Fonz 46

Where 65,000 cheered the Deer in 2021, find Fonz in this sporting district having fun!

Fonz 47

Sweet toffee treats, divine delights, at this 1919 Tosa candy and ice cream shop, Fonz is in sight.

Fonz 48

A park named for the brothers who helped invent Cream City brick, go where the pitches fly and bats crack. Get there quick!

Fonz 49

This connector is where art takes flight, the museum's ahead, a true delight.

Fonz 50

A bustling park on the city's northwest side, Concordia Avenue features a splash pad, softball diamonds and slides.