VISIT Milwaukee is accredited by Destination International (DI). This globally-recognized accreditation serves as a visible industry distinction that defines quality and performance standards in destination marketing and management.

VISIT Milwaukee was formed as a membership-based association, and is supported by more than 700 partner businesses. These partners make a financial contribution to VISIT Milwaukee in the form of partnership dues according to an investment schedule approved by the Board of Directors.

In addition, VISIT Milwaukee functions as the sales and marketing arm of the Wisconsin Center District (WCD). The Wisconsin Center District is a government body created to fund, build and operate Milwaukee’s three-facility convention complex consisting of the Wisconsin Center, Miller High Life Theatre and UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.


Milwaukee's Area Code

We take pride in our area code and even celebrate Milwaukee Day on 4/14!

VISIT Milwaukee is supported by more than 700 partner businesses.

It's all connected

Tourism directly supports over 52,000 full time jobs in the Greater Milwaukee area and brings in $6 billion each year. A great place to visit is also a great place to live, work, and run a business. When we succeed in our mission of tourism, it's a step toward making our entire community stronger.

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