Love letters to the city


DearMKE was originally conceived as a series of twelve short films and a website for user-generated stories, photos, and videos. Through an unprecedented public-private collaboration involving tourism leaders, local businesses, creative agencies, local filmmakers, community stakeholders, a Hollywood producer with local ties, and even the residents of Milwaukee themselves, DearMKE was born.

Today, the spirit of DearMKE is kept alive by a passionate community of local photographers who share their Milwaukee love every day with stunning photos of the city. The VISIT Milwaukee team curates the DearMKE Instagram, sharing some of the best photos with the world.
Even if you've lived in Milwaukee your whole life, there are places you haven't seen, people you haven't met, and stories you haven't heard. See what Milwaukeeans find endearing about our city. Get ready to be inspired and to experience this town like never before. And then share your stories, photos, and videos with #DearMKE on your social media channels.