Hear ye, hear ye! I, jester of the realm of VISIT Milwaukee, doth verily declare Ben, age five, to be crowned the latest in the line of rich, creamy custard royalty. King Ben took his newly appointed throne in the Dale of Glen over a dish of fresh custard. In celebration of our newfound leader, we sat down with the freshly crowned Dairyland sovereign to discuss his agenda for the kingdom. With his scepter (a spoon) and a mouthwatering custard sundae at his side, Ben took his elevated status in stride, with a coronation that was simple, befitting the [Unofficial] Custard King of the Cream City.

King Ben, what is your favorite type of custard?
“Chocolate,” said Ben after a moment’s pause. Then, upon closer examination and pontification, he offered a revised alternative, “Mint chip.”

What is your favorite topping?
“Sprinkles,” said Ben without hesitation. When asked if he had a favorite type of sprinkles, he offered a simple but wise “no.”

If you could put anything at all in your custard, what would you put in it?
“Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,” specifically noting the cups in preference to Reese’s Pieces. Our new Custard King then offered a series of healthy custard concoctions, “strawberries…raspberries… and apples…” A most excellent creation indeed.

Do you prefer custard or ice cream?
After a moment of deliberation, Ben once again exercised a judicious nature that made him a clear choice as the [Unofficial] Cream City Custard King. With calm judgment and an understanding of plurality beyond his years, Ben proclaimed to enjoy " both” equally.

Do you have a favorite TV show? What type of custard do you think your favorite character would like?
“Hot Wheels City,” King Ben proclaimed with pride. The main characters--the cars--would enjoy, “mint chip” custard, a creative choice that surely the Hot Wheels City cars would very much take a shine to. 

What is your first proclamation as the Custard King of Cream City?
After thinking for a beat, “eating apples,” Ben nodded.

As for the future of our freshly crowned frozen nobility, Ben’s custard coronation is only the beginning. Aged five, the royal Milwaukee majesty loves math, apples, and, of course, custard. Long live King Ben!

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