The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has completed its renovation of the Warner Grand Theater, a National Historic Landmark located in downtown Milwaukee. Now locals and visitors alike are enjoying the orchestra’s musical stylings inside the brand new Bradley Symphony Center.


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A beautiful blend of 1930s classic style and fresh, modern touches, the Bradley Symphony Center heralds traditions new and old in an opulent setting. As an overture, walk beneath the bright Warner Theater marquee into the grand lobby. Ascend the grand staircases and head into the ornate theater hall where the stage is set for symphonic excellence. As Wisconsin’s largest performing arts organization, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra hosts nationally acclaimed artists and conductors to offer rich musical experiences in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.

In the newer wing of the Symphony Center, lounge on plush furniture in the expansive ground-level gallery for a preor post-concert gathering. Or ascend another grand staircase to the second-floor atrium, where names of composers whose work the orchestra has performed line the floor-to-ceiling windows. Delicious food and beverage is available.