Market and Larder Salad

By Dane Baldwin

Shopping at the farmers market is a ritual for Dane Baldwin. “I go to the farmers market on a regular basis, and I know a lot of farmers by name, and that’s something that I look forward to as much as I did the very first day,” he says. Still, he also can appreciate a good tinned or canned product like sardines. He remembers the first time his mom opened a tin of sardines and served some to him on a cracker. “I don’t know if I was in love, but I was intrigued,” he says. Combining fresh and preserved ingredients as he does in the following recipe is a “great way to appreciate what you have,” he says.


Tonnato Sauce

25 grams grapeseed oil

20 grams pasteurized egg yolk (approximately 1 large egg yolk)

70 grams tuna

10 grams garlic

12 grams boquerones (anchovies)

125 grams mayonnaise

150 grams yogurt

9 grams champagne vinegar

3 grams Tabasco

6 grams lemon juice


Set aside the grapeseed oil. Blend the remainder of the ingredients until smooth. Add the grapeseed oil in a slow stream to incorporate. Confirm the salinity is to your liking and store in an airtight container.


How to use this recipe:

Arguably the cousin to Caesar dressing, this condiment is an awesome accompaniment to all things veggie – fresh, tinned, brined or pickled. It is the backdrop for the Diplomat’s “Market and Larder” salad. Baldwin shares this recipe not to give specific directions to necessarily make this salad, but rather for you to make something in the spirit of this salad. He loves gathering items from the farmers market and pairing them with some of his favorite preserved items. The tonnato sauce is great for bringing all of these items together.


To assemble and plate:

Lay down a couple spoonfuls of tonnato sauce. Using the back of the spoon, spread the sauce into a nice circular shape. Nicely arrange your mixture of veggies.


Baldwin suggests the following vegetables:

Gold dippers tomatoes

French breakfast radish

An assortment of dilly beans

Pickled shallots (using the bonus dill pickle recipe below)

Canned piquillo peppers, sliced

Tinned sardines


Before moving on to the kitchens of fine dining restaurants like Carnevor and Bartolotta-owned Bacchus, Dane Baldwin got his feet wet cooking at the old east side Milwaukee restaurant Gil’s café. Baldwin, the 2022 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef: Midwest, and his wife, Anna, opened The Diplomat in 2017. The restaurant’s American menu, offering everything from chicken leg confit to a burger, is guided by seasonal flavors and local ingredients.

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