Bucyrus Museum

Come explore the history of Bucyrus and the engineering accomplishments that changed the world. Try your hand running a shovel, sit in a dragline seat, and learn where in the world minerals are mined.

1919 12th Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI • 53172
[email protected]
Hours of Operation

Tue., Thu. & Sat. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

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The Bucyrus Museum celebrates the origins of Bucyrus and related companies from 1880-2011. For over 135 years, Bucyrus, Bucyrus-Erie, and Bucyrus International was the world leader for design and manufacture of earth moving equipment. Amount them were 77 of the 102 steam shovels that dug the Panama Canal, the world's largest dragline, and the famous large stripping shovels shipped throughout the world.
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Things You'll Find:

  1. Located inside the historic Bucyrus Club
  2. Special hours available for private tours and events
  3. Operate our shovel simulator
  4. See the 3/4 scale dragline model