Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” to air Milwaukee feature Wed 1/17


What: Expedition Unknown

When: Wednesday, Jan 17 @ 8 p.m.

When Josh Gates, one of Travel Channel’s biggest celebrities and host of “Expedition Unknown,” arrived in Milwaukee with his team of 12 last April to film a segment for his show, it was VISIT Milwaukee’s Film Office and the Milwaukee County Parks that made it all happen.

Permits were secured and additional assistance offered for Gates to explore the unsolved mystery of the 1980’s cult book, “The Secret.” 

In the book, the author, Byron Preiss, devised a kind of treasure hunt involving 12 ceramic casques buried in parks around the country, each with a key that could be redeemed for a jewel. The book’s clues to the 12 locations involve fantasy art and poetry. 

In the show airing at 8 p.m. Wednesday on the Travel Channel, Gates visits Chicago and Cleveland, where casques have been found, and tries to locate the remaining casques in Milwaukee, New York, and St. Augustine, Florida. Clues to the casque buried in Milwaukee lead to east side locations and Lake Park, in the area of Lake Park Bistro.

After filming was completed on the day, VISIT Milwaukee and Bartolotta Restaurant Group surprised the crew with a luncheon at Lake Park Bistro.

VISIT Milwaukee/Milwaukee Film Office

The Milwaukee Film Office is administered by the Communications Department of VISIT Milwaukee, and acts as a local resource to U.S. and international film makers. The office provides assistance with required permits, location scouting, transportation, accommodations, and securing production assistance from area experts.