The Midwest’s largest retail sports betting venue is now open, and it’s right here in Milwaukee! Potawatomi Casino | Hotel’s latest 6,500 sq. ft. two-story addition in the former Northern Lights Theater redesigns the ultimate sports fans’ viewing experience with a massive video display, on-site ticket writer booths, gourmet dining options and so much more to make any day gameday.  

In celebration of the grand opening today, here are your best bets for the new Sportsbook:

PCH Sportsbook

The John Kuhn Dog (-240) vs. Hunger (+400)

Crafted by the legendary Green Bay Packers Fullback himself, the John Kuhn Dog is a spitting image of its maker, a hearty crowd-pleaser with a surprising amount of zip to its game. The Kuhn Dog is a half-pound Vienna hot dog topped with bison chili, cheddar cheese, kimchi, fresh jalapenos and crispy onions served on a pretzel bun.

With the Kuhn Dog bearing down on hunger with a run up the gut, hunger really stands no chance, but hey, that’s why we play the game.

48 Beers On-Tap (-110) vs. Beer Snobs (+115)

It’s called Brew City for a reason, and true to Milwaukee’s reputation, the Sportsbook boasts 48 taps of crisp, cold brews to pair with your favorite sporting views. From national brewing behemoths to local craft breweries, even the pickiest beer connoisseur will be able to find a beer to please their palate.

A tight matchup solely for beer snobs’ unpredictable and finicky nature, but with four dozen beers on tap, there’s a brew for you at Potawatomi Casino | Hotel’s new space.

Video Wall (-290) vs. Blackout Games (+200)

The 2,000 sq. ft. LED video wall inside the sports viewing palace is a fan’s athletic streaming dream. The wall can show over 30 sporting events at any given time, and of course, your Milwaukee sports teams will light up the marquee on the huge wall-to-wall screens. Want to catch the Brewers, Bucks or Packers game? The Sportsbook has you covered. Looking for your favorite out-of-town club? Odds are it’s already on one of the TVs.  

With so many ways to view your favorite team, the Sportsbook is a sizeable favorite for good reason.

Sports Viewing (-175) vs. Couch Watching (+205)

Watching a game in the Sportsbook is a promising prospect. With over 200 seats and a capacity for up to 419 fans, you can tune in to every game with just a turn of your head. Add in locally sourced ingredients and an all-day brunch from The Kitchen, live betting odds, and your favorite Milwaukee teams on the big screen, and you have a fan atmosphere that’s tough to beat.

The viewing experience faces a tough matchup, with the at-home comfort of catching a game from the couch, but it’s safe to say the Sportsbook should win this one going away.

Three Ways to Play (-100) vs. Indecision (+100)

The tightest matchup of the day, indecision takes on the venue’s many ways to play. You can place your bets at the 24/7 self-serve kiosks located just outside of the parking garage on the casino’s second floor and near the Sportsbook on the first floor, or you can chat with a friendly face at the ticket writer booth to lock in your picks.

This one’s a toss-up that all comes down to how you want to play!

Game on, Milwaukee! Visit the Potawatomi Casino | Hotel Sportsbook today!